Insanity Max:30 Week 1, Modified


Finally, my first post on my new page! This has taken waaay longer than expected so I appreciate your patience with me, especially because I really shouldn’t be allowed to “do technology”. I also welcome ANY advice on any of my screw-ups you see along the way. (It seriously took me half an hour to get that photo at the top)

So week one of Insanity Max:30 is done! I freaking LOVE IT! It’s intense, it is fun, it is HARD and Shaun T. is super motivating. If you haven’t heard of it, the point of the program is to go as hard as you can for as long as you can. When you finally hit your max and need to take a break, you write down the time. That is your “max out” time. Each time you do that workout, you try to go a little longer and push a little further than the last time. I am extremely competitive so this is fun for me. You’re competing with yourself and getting better and stronger as a result.

IM:30 is the first Beachbody program to offer a modifier track where the person modifying the moves (doing a low impact version of the workout) is on the screen the whole time. I decided to follow the modifier for the whole 60 day program for a few reasons

1. The modifier track is really cool and I wanted to try it out.

2. I just finished Body Beast and I was super “cardio-light” for awhile and I was scared of an intense cardio routine.

3. I saw before and after pics of a girl that followed the modifier for only 30 days and she had INSANE results!

4. I often have people scared to do a program because it seems too hard but they are afraid they won’t see results if they modify.

So here it is, week one! My experience, my loves, my hates, my struggles and my tips for surviving. Oh and my son sometimes decides to do it with me. He’s cute, his form is bad and he’s better than me at 5 years old. He may have some tips too.

Day 1: Cardio Challenge


If you’ve ever done a Shaun T. workout before, there is a “fit test” that you take at the beginning and the end to gauge your progress. “Cardio Challenge” is the fit test for IM:30. So for my records, I was fit enough to make it through 17 min and 29 seconds of the modified (low impact) version before I needed to take a break.

Ok, this is harder than I thought. Ive been doing Beachbody workouts for over a year. I was just sure that I could do the modified version with ease…WRONG! I maxed out at 17:27. And that doesn’t mean it was easy up until then. I was sweating, I was pushing hard and I may have even cried a little during “plank-jack/in and out abs”.

It starts with a “warm up” for the first 5 minutes. I use that term loosely, it is still pretty intense. Then you get a 30 second break before he jumps right into the hard stuff. The good thing is that there is a 30 second break every 5 minutes. So if you can push through, you’ll get your breaks without maxing out. I think it was the scissor stance jacks that did me in and I’m not sure I could have held out for 2 and half more minutes until the last break. I’m actually not sure if I even tried to finish the rest of the set, its all a blur really. The moves are about 30-45 seconds each and you repeat them 3 times in each set. I think that knowing the time of each move is your frienemy. Sometimes its uber helpful and other times i think I’m done and realize theres still 28 god-forsaken seconds left and I want to throat-punch Shaun T. through the screen…but I just don’t have the energy.


Next time. Next time will be better.

(Parker didn’t max out…jerk)

Day 2: Tabata Power


Somebody shoot me! What the hell did I get myself into? I effing HATE cardio!! The 4 minute warm-up had effing lunges in it! LUNGES people!! I hate those jerks more than cardio itself! Ok, but just for 30 seconds, repeated twice…I survived.

30 second break before the Tabata madness begins. If you’re not familiar, Tabata is 20 seconds of a high intensity move (or in my case, modified) followed by a 10 second break. The ten second break sounds doable. I can handle it. Oh crap, its all LUNGES! Four moves, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, repeated twice. I made it to the second water break at 8:30. I deserve a cupcake.

The second set is all planks and pushups tabata-style, 4 different moves, repeated twice. I maxed out at 12:35. The push up/rows defeated me. But what really ticks me off is that had I pushed through for another freaking 25 seconds, I would have made it to the next water break at 13:00. Gonna make a note of that for next time.

LOVED the next set, all power jumps and high knees, which modified meant mostly high knees which I kind of rock at. The four and a half minutes flew by and there was another break.

Oh, now abs. Greeeeaaaat. Only 4:30 to my next break, I can do this! I kind of did it.

So the next 4 moves are variations of tricep dips which I’m super excited about because I really need to work on my triceps! I maxed out again. Man I really need to work on my triceps.

Last break at 26:30 (There are a LOT of breaks in this one, thank God) The last 3 minutes were a combo of every move that I hated in all of the sets- all 30 seconds each. I finished!!!

2 minute cool down

I deserve a cupcake.


Once again, Parker didn’t max out although I’m not sure his form was really on point…but whatever.



Day 3: Sweat Intervals


Five minute warm up followed by a 30 second break. Easy, I’m getting used to this. Oh wait, not a water break, a stretching break. Can you call that a break?

First set, four and half minutes of some pretty fun moves even though squats were invoked. 30 second break at 10:00 i’m ROCKING THIS!

Ok so the next set wasn’t necessarily super hard but the moves were 45 seconds each. Home-girl don’t play that. Not with moving squat jabs and wide pike-ups. I maxed out at 13:35. Note to self: Effing BREATHE and tough it out for 1:25 longer next time. Water break at 15:00 I almost puked.

At 30 seconds for each move, I was able to stick this round out until the next break at 20:05

Next set, I’m feeling pretty good. 30 second moves, I’ve got this…Until the power knee. I maxed out again.

Break at 25:00 ( I really should be able to tough this crap out for 5 minutes at a time!)

Burpee lunge, cross-jack/jab, I got this ish yo!

DONE! Cool down-2:00. I’m feeling pretty damn good. I think I’ll do Ab Attack.


Ab Attack:10

Why the eff did I do ab attack? Right because I want abs. Well this should do it! 10 ab-wrenching moves-1 minute each. I maxed out at about 30 seconds on each freaking move!

I’ll do better next time.

Day 4: Tabata Power


Lucky me! I get to do it twice in 1 week!! I wish there were an italic just for sarcasm.

So I increased my max out time by almost 13 minutes!! I wanted to quit around the same time I did Tuesday but I remembered that a break was coming so I stuck it out until 25:10! Feeling like a total bada** even though the cute little jerk didn’t max out…again.


Day 5: Friday Fight-Round 1


So I don’t really know when the warm-up ended and the workout began because THERE IS NO BREAK UNTIL 15:00!!! I maxed out at 11:39. I think it was “speed in and out abs” that did me in. I really need to down some E&E before this one next time.

As tough as it was, this may be my favorite one so far. Super tough but lots of fun. Combat, mixed martial arts type workouts are my favorite.


(Really bad form, but he’s doing it man!)

I actually beat Parker. He maxed out at 9:08. In all fairness he said his tummy hurt. He jumped back in with me at the second and final break around 25:30. We are both POOPED! We deserve a cupcake but we settled for shakeology instead.

Day 6: Pulse (optional)

I decided not to do the optional 20 minute “pulse” workout because I didn’t feel like it and I’m grown and I do what I want! You’re not my dad! But Parker did it and I’m glad I skipped it. Although the extra stretch would be nice, it looked like a bunch of my most hated moves for about a minute each and then stretches for about 30 seconds in between the (much needed) static movements. I think it will be a good workout for the weeks that really kick my a**.

I will CRUSH week 2. Week 2 is my B$&*^!!

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