Refuel Your Body After Your Workout!


One thing that is super important but often overlooked when you’re getting healthy is how to fuel your body and maximize your weight loss and muscle gains.

Sure eating right and exercising are a great start but how are you optimizing on the hard work you put in?

When your workout is finished, your body is in “recovery mode” your muscles are tired and in need of key nutrients to repair themselves and continue burning calories. The first 30 minutes after your workout are crucial for getting those muscles fueled back up.

So what do you need to eat? A good balance of protein and carbs are optimal for muscle recovery. Some people like to drink chocolate milk or grab a protein bar. I personally like my post-workout snack to be a little more substantial and healthy. I’m also not a fan of cooking during the day so something thats easy to grab and go is key!

Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerkey is super easy to grab and FULL of protein. I also really like Beachbody’s Recovery formula as a yummy chocolate drink when I don’t have time to actually eat something. It has 20 grams of protein and is great for muscle recovery! You can grab some Recover Formula here!

If you’ve got the time to spare after your workout, eggs and toast are a yummy, filling snack. I like to make egg cups in my muffin tin by cutting circles of whole grain bread and placing them on bottom of the tins and cracking an egg on top. Bake for about 15 mins at 400 degrees and you’re set! I also LOOOOOVE cottage cheese and peaches, protein packed, sweet and salty (heart)

If you’re wanting something with some more carbs after heavy lifting – nuts and grains are a great option! Trail mix is something that you can keep on hand anywhere and has around 17 carbs and 3 proteins. Edamame is packed with carbs AND proteins and is great for you! Things like granola bars or mixes are packed with whole grain goodness to get your muscles on recovery road plus they taste DELICIOUS!

One of my favorite places to get post-workout snacks is Nuts-dot-com you should check them out! They have a huge selection of Healthy Snacks and High Protein Snacks .

Muscle-friendly foods that aren’t too hard on the wallet!

What are some of your favorite ways to fuel up after your workout?


Healthy Greek Layer Dip

 Sometimes I struggle to stay on track when an event comes up. It doesn’t even have to be a big event-if there are snacks, I will partake. 

I had been doing really good so far this year, eating clean and working out daily so when my monthly book club meeting was coming up, I started looking for a healthier dish to bring. (It helped that a fellow member vowed to stay on track with me at the meeting. I need all the support I can get!) 

I decided on a Greek layer dip and it was amazing! We ate almost all of it! Even the girls who weren’t watching their food intake raved about it! So here’s the recipe…

  • 1-10 oz container of garlic hummus
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt (mmmm protein)
  • 1T  dried dill
  • 1T lemon juice 
  • 1/2 cup grape tomatoes-quartered
  • 1/2 cup chopped cucumber
  • 1/3 cup chopped lala maya olives
  • 1/3 cup goat cheese
  • Parsley for garnish

First, mix the Greek yogurt, dill and lemon juice together and set aside.

Spread garlic hummus on the bottom of an 8×8 dish then dollop the Greek yogurt mix on top and spread even to form the second layer. Then top with everything else, sprinkling parsley on the top to garnish. 

I served it with cucumber slices (and also brought pita chips for everyone else) Between my dip and the delicious low carb pinwheels that my dieting-partner-in-crime brought, it was easy to stay on track. I’ll be bringing this to many a party from now on!

See the nice little layers? And the cute scribble on my cutting board from my child.

Seven of us devoured this!

21 Day Fix Enchilada Verde Casserole

My family loves Mexican food and it’s something that they’ve missed while I’ve been on my healthy journey. So today I decided to make a healthy enchilada casserole. It was a huge hit and will be working its way into my monthly meal rotations! It makes 8 servings and each serving is equal to 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue and 1/4 green if you use salsa or 1 orange if you use enchilada sauce for the containers. 

What you need:

  • 1 pound chicken breasts
  • 1 jar of salsa verde or green enchilada sauce (about 2 cups) 
  • 1 cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 14 small corn tortillas
  • 1 cup shredded cheese (really you could use less but for measuring containers, this made things equal)
  • Olive oil spray
  • Hot sauce to taste 

I put the chicken breasts in the crockpot with the salsa verde on low for 6 hours.  

 Then shredded the chicken with a fork and added the Greek yogurt and mixed well.  


 Preheat the oven to 400 degrees and spray a 11×7 or 9×13 pan with the olive oil spray.  

Layer 6 tortillas on the bottom of the pan 

Top with 1/2 of the chicken/salsa mixture and then some cheese.  

Then repeat those steps. 

Take the remaining 2 tortillas and tear them into strips, add them to the top and sprinkle the remaining cheese. (I used some grated cotija cheese for topping and included it in my “cup-o-cheese” 

Then bake for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is slightly brown and bubbly. 

Top with some hot sauce or additional salsa and enjoy! 


Don’t Lie to Yourself 

For YEARS, I believed that what I have now achieved wasn’t a possibility for me anymore!! I was over 30 and I had tried just about everything! Wraps, pills, liquid diets, Weight Watchers, Atkins…even starvation. I was beginning to believe the lies I told myself that I couldn’t have the body I wanted, I couldn’t have the life that I wanted. 
Then one day my friend asked me to be a part of her online challenge group. I was super hesitant-I had pretty much given up on trying to lose weight. I watched her for awhile and saw her getting great results but I didn’t want to spend anymore money. I had spent thousands trying to lose weight and failed my way up to a size 16 and living a miserable life. But something kept me thinking that this was it, this was going to be the time it actually worked… And it did!!!! 
I am so thankful that I STOPPED believing the lies I told myself and started believing IN myself! Now I’m SUCCEEDING and I get to help others do the same!!! I love my job and the fact that I get to help people feel the way I do is such an amazing thing!❤️
My next challenge group starts January 4th. Click the link below or just let me know if you want in! 
You can do anything if you believe in yourself! 💪🏼

What I Do Works but I Have to Do It


“That stuff doesn’t work!”

“I’ve tried other shakes and didn’t have results.”

“I tried at home workouts, they just sat on my shelf.”

I was a skeptic too. I had tried everything and was super leery about investing in yet ANOTHER weight loss “scam”. But I was so sick of the person staring back at me in the mirror. She was hateful, tired, desperate and miserable. I just couldn’t stand the thought of looking at her anymore.

Everything I had tried- diet pills, fad diets, starvation- it wasn’t working for me. It was time for a change. I had watched my friend Ashley lose weight with P90X and shakeology, so I asked her about it. I saved up and bought my first program and a 30 day supply of Shakeology as a Christmas present for myself. Even though I was skeptical, the 30 day, money back guarantee sealed the deal for me. I planned to try it out, give up after a week when I didn’t see immediate results and then return it for my refund.

But I found out that I loved it and I WAS getting fast results! There was no way I was returning P90X3, I couldn’t go a day without Tony !

What I was doing worked! I just had to do it!

I only have 5 more spots available in my September challenge group. Message me if you want more info on the Money Back Challenge.😊

Or sign up for a free membership here and then find me on Facebook-


National Hairstylist Day!

Hey! Guess what!? It’s National Hairstylist Day!💇 AND it’s time for my next fitness support group!
In honor of NHD, I’m switching it up a bit. Not only will you get meal plans, nutrition education, motivation and support, you’ll also get hair tips from me!
I’ll share some of my favorite products, tutorials on how to get that perfect style, and tricks for quick and easy everyday looks. I’ll even be giving away some of my favorite things to challenge “winners” 🎁
The group starts September 7th. You can click this link to join or shoot me a message for more deets!

6 Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget

6 tips for eating healthy on a budget

Planning meals for a family can be hard, planning healthy meals can be expensive!
Here are 6 tips for eating healthy on a super tight budget.

1. Make double recipes and freeze the leftovers.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.19.51 PM

When making healthy dinners, you can stretch your dollar further by doubling or tripling the recipes and then freezing the leftovers for future meals. Just a few extra bucks can make the difference between 1 dinner or 4. Try things like casseroles or crock pot meals that freeze well and reheat easily. One of my go-to’s is baked spaghetti. I can make 3 meals for my family of 4 for super cheap!

2. Go to the Farmer’s Market at the end of the day.

BFM produce for blog book

BFM produce for blog book

Produce at the farmers market is usually around the same price as the grocery store but at the end of the day, the vendors want to unload as much as they can before packing up and leaving. This usually means a discount on your fruits and vegetables and most of the time, they will throw in some extras for free!

3. Buy fresh veggies when they are in season and freeze them.


We all know fresh produce can be expensive, but when it is in season, its a lot cheaper. Buy as much as you can and freeze them for future quick meals like stir-frys.

4. Plan your meals around what is on sale.


Instead of making your meal plans and then shopping for whats on your menu, try looking to see whats on sale and planning your meals according to that. If you find a good deal on chicken, stock up and look for recipes to coordinate.

5. “Day Old” doesn’t mean “expired”.


A lot of grocers have pre-cooked rotisserie chickens which are budget friendly to begin with. You can shred the meat and use for salads, stir fry, tacos…anything throughout the week. But they don’t always sell all of the hot and fresh ones every day. Usually you can find yesterdays rotisserie chickens on sale in the deli section for a couple bucks less.

6. Add hearty grains or legumes to make a meal stretch.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.13.42 PM

Your protein doesn’t always have to be the star of the show. Things like brown rice, quinoa and black beans can be a cheaper option to fill you up without breaking the bank on expensive meat.

Shakeology Freezer Fudge

My family, especially my husband, has a huge sweet tooth. Sweet tooths? Sweet teeth? My family has huge sweet teeth? Meh. My family likes sweets. And they like to have the house stocked. Cookies, Popsicles, ice cream, you name it.

In order for me to resist temptation, I needed something healthy and easy so I don’t get caught off guard and gorge on birthday cake ice cream sandwiches with the rest of them.

And Shakeology saves the day again!  I’ve tweaked this recipe a bit from my previous go to “Shakeology Fridge Fudge” both are good but this is better!

Here’s what you’re going to need for Shakeology Freezer Fudge.

  • 1 scoop chocolate, vegan chocolate or vanilla Shakeology
  • 2T coconut oil (extra virgin, unrefined is preferred)
  • 2T peanut butter, almond butter or my fave, Sunbutter.
  • Nutmeg, cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice. Just a dash
  • Stevia. I use it in liquid form and just add a small squirt.

First you’re going to put the coconut oil and nut butter of your choice in a flexible plastic container.

Then microwave for about 30 seconds.

 Add a squirt of stevia and a dash of spice and mix it around. I love nutmeg with the chocolate and pumpkin pie spice with the vanilla.

 Then add your Shakeology and stir it up.

 Pop it in the freezer and in about 15 minutes you have your “fudge”

I know, I know.  “But that’s so much oil and fats”.  Shut up! I don’t eat the whole damn thing! I just break off a piece when I get a sweet craving or when my family is elbows deep in Nutella and it does the trick for me!

 The vanilla tastes like frozen cookie dough and the chocolate tastes like brownie batter…dough… Whatevs, it’s amazing, not mention healthy and good for you.

Want more ideas for staying on track? Contact me! I live with 3 boys and have about a million ideas to keep you from getting derailed and I would love to help!

Contact me!

21 Day Fix Baked Spaghetti

WInner, winner, baked spaghetti dinner!

21 day fix baked spaghetti

I scored HUGE the other night with the fam. I made a HEALTHY baked spaghetti! And duh, winning for me because it’s 21 Day Fix approved! 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue and either 1/2 purple or 1/2 green, however you count your tomato sauce. Personally, I count it however I need it to count for that day haha.

So here’s whatcha need…

1 bag of brown rice noodles

1 container of cottage cheese

20 oz ground turkey

1 jar of marinara/pasta sauce

1 cup of shredded cheese

1 onion (optional)

I started by boiling the noodles. You’ll want to drain them when they are just past al dente. You’ll be cooking them in the oven and you don’t want them to get too soggy.

IMG_9348 IMG_9347

Then I sautéed the onion and browned my turkey. Ive totally been debating which is best with my kids, they hate onions so  I never know if I should dice them super tiny so they can’t tell or leave them big enough that they can pick them out. Either way you do it should taste just fine though.


After the turkey browned, I added the spaghetti sauce. I also like to add a little water and a package of italian sauce dry mix for extra flavor.

IMG_9350 IMG_9351

Then I preheated the oven to 375 and started layering my ingredients in a 9×13 baking dish. Start with the pasta, add a layer of cottage cheese, then the meat sauce, then pasta, cottage cheese and sauce again. Top with shredded cheese and pop in the oven until the cheese on top is bubbly.


See all the pretty layers? Yeah me either, it kind of runs together.

So about 1/4 of this pan fed my whole family! I divided another 1/4 of it into lunches for me and I froze the other half for a quick dinner later on.

IMG_9357 IMG_9359

Boom! Dinner, meal prep and lazy future dinner! The whole family LOVED it and got super full! Definitely putting this in the dinner rotation!

3 Tips to Feed Your Family and Still Stick to Your Goals

his theirs mine


One of the biggest worries people have when starting a healthier lifestyle is how on earth they are going to feed their family while trying to eat healthy. “My kids hate veggies” “My husband is a meat and taters guy”

S’all good, Mama! Promise!

There are a few tricks to creating a meal that everyone will eat. And be damn happy eating!!

1. Naughty Sides

I always keep a couple pre-made “naughty” sides in the fridge. I don’t eat them with my meal but it makes the kids and hubs feel like they aren’t missing out on the “good stuff”. They take 5 minutes in the microwave and I don’t feel like I’m slaving over an additional side dish that  I don’t get to eat.


2. Make Veggies TASTY

Can we please just stop with the boring steamed broccoli and carrots for a bit. OF COURSE your kids don’t like that. Do YOU really like it? Hell no you don’t! So stop trying to shove it down everyones throat!

I like to roast my veggies. Basically like ANY veggie, tossed in EVOO, sea salt and pepper, roasted in the oven until crispy. Its a salty crispy side that can take the place of french fries, my boys LOVE THEM!

roasted broccoli

3. Protein is Protein is Protein

Don’t stress over this. This can be the simplest part of your meal if you want it to be. Have the hubby grill some chicken or steak, just make sure YOU make the marinade. Avoid sugars and keep it SIMPLE. Everyone likes meat, everyone will be happy.

Sometimes I will make a stir fry and get my veggies and protein in together and serve it over brown rice, I promise no one can tell the difference, at least they can’t in my family. And even if they could, who cares? They aren’t cooking!! They’ll eat what I give them or starve!

So there ya go, 3 tips to please the family while continuing your healthy lifestyle. Check out my “Meal Plans” for more ideas and recipes. I don’t do hard, so all of them will be easy peasy!

Also, I use paper plates…A LOT! Judge if you will, you won’t stop me from livin’ my life!