Refuel Your Body After Your Workout!


One thing that is super important but often overlooked when you’re getting healthy is how to fuel your body and maximize your weight loss and muscle gains.

Sure eating right and exercising are a great start but how are you optimizing on the hard work you put in?

When your workout is finished, your body is in “recovery mode” your muscles are tired and in need of key nutrients to repair themselves and continue burning calories. The first 30 minutes after your workout are crucial for getting those muscles fueled back up.

So what do you need to eat? A good balance of protein and carbs are optimal for muscle recovery. Some people like to drink chocolate milk or grab a protein bar. I personally like my post-workout snack to be a little more substantial and healthy. I’m also not a fan of cooking during the day so something thats easy to grab and go is key!

Beef Jerky or Turkey Jerkey is super easy to grab and FULL of protein. I also really like Beachbody’s Recovery formula as a yummy chocolate drink when I don’t have time to actually eat something. It has 20 grams of protein and is great for muscle recovery! You can grab some Recover Formula here!

If you’ve got the time to spare after your workout, eggs and toast are a yummy, filling snack. I like to make egg cups in my muffin tin by cutting circles of whole grain bread and placing them on bottom of the tins and cracking an egg on top. Bake for about 15 mins at 400 degrees and you’re set! I also LOOOOOVE cottage cheese and peaches, protein packed, sweet and salty (heart)

If you’re wanting something with some more carbs after heavy lifting – nuts and grains are a great option! Trail mix is something that you can keep on hand anywhere and has around 17 carbs and 3 proteins. Edamame is packed with carbs AND proteins and is great for you! Things like granola bars or mixes are packed with whole grain goodness to get your muscles on recovery road plus they taste DELICIOUS!

One of my favorite places to get post-workout snacks is Nuts-dot-com you should check them out! They have a huge selection of Healthy Snacks and High Protein Snacks .

Muscle-friendly foods that aren’t too hard on the wallet!

What are some of your favorite ways to fuel up after your workout?