3 Tips to Feed Your Family and Still Stick to Your Goals

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One of the biggest worries people have when starting a healthier lifestyle is how on earth they are going to feed their family while trying to eat healthy. “My kids hate veggies” “My husband is a meat and taters guy”

S’all good, Mama! Promise!

There are a few tricks to creating a meal that everyone will eat. And be damn happy eating!!

1. Naughty Sides

I always keep a couple pre-made “naughty” sides in the fridge. I don’t eat them with my meal but it makes the kids and hubs feel like they aren’t missing out on the “good stuff”. They take 5 minutes in the microwave and I don’t feel like I’m slaving over an additional side dish that  I don’t get to eat.


2. Make Veggies TASTY

Can we please just stop with the boring steamed broccoli and carrots for a bit. OF COURSE your kids don’t like that. Do YOU really like it? Hell no you don’t! So stop trying to shove it down everyones throat!

I like to roast my veggies. Basically like ANY veggie, tossed in EVOO, sea salt and pepper, roasted in the oven until crispy. Its a salty crispy side that can take the place of french fries, my boys LOVE THEM!

roasted broccoli

3. Protein is Protein is Protein

Don’t stress over this. This can be the simplest part of your meal if you want it to be. Have the hubby grill some chicken or steak, just make sure YOU make the marinade. Avoid sugars and keep it SIMPLE. Everyone likes meat, everyone will be happy.

Sometimes I will make a stir fry and get my veggies and protein in together and serve it over brown rice, I promise no one can tell the difference, at least they can’t in my family. And even if they could, who cares? They aren’t cooking!! They’ll eat what I give them or starve!

So there ya go, 3 tips to please the family while continuing your healthy lifestyle. Check out my “Meal Plans” for more ideas and recipes. I don’t do hard, so all of them will be easy peasy!

Also, I use paper plates…A LOT! Judge if you will, you won’t stop me from livin’ my life!

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